Create & Maintain

Neota Logic Author

Applications are created in Neota Logic Author, a visual rapid application development (RAD) tool that enables business professionals ("authors") to create—and, critically, maintain—very powerful applications without programmers.

Working with domain experts, authors construct an outline of the issues and define the conclusions to be reached and facts to be gathered. Reasoning—the domain expert’s approach to analyzing the issues—is then constructed in visual editors for each of the reasoning methods.

Applications are declarative rather than procedural. That is, the domain expert and the author define the application's goals (key conclusions to be reached) and actions (alerts, reports, email, database updates). Neota Logic Server does the rest—automatically determining which facts must be obtained by presenting questions to the user on-screen or querying a database, and which rules must be applied; setting intermediate as well as final conclusions; and triggering on-screen alerts to the user, reports in HTML or Word, email messages and database updates.

Large problems may be divided into smaller, logical units, which can be built and maintained more easily and re-used in more than one application. For example, rules as to application of a particular statute may be relevant in several contexts. Building those rules in a separate application allows them to be used in each context but maintained in one place.

To validate and verify the application’s reasoning and results, Neota Logic Author produces detailed documentation(AutoDocs) in plain language that can be reviewed on paper by subject matter experts. For example, this AutoDocs excerpt shows a group of rules for Canada in a financial application.

FROM Canada TO product qualified

IF applicable law = Canada

1. IF product type = bullion option (cash-settled) OR bullion option (physically-settled) OR bullion option (physically-settled with cash option) OR total return swap OR weather index transaction

THEN product qualified = Highly Likely

2. IF product type = margin loan

THEN product qualified = No

3. IF product type = basis swap OR bond option OR cap transaction (interest rate) OR cap transaction (commodity price) OR collar transaction (interest rate) OR collar transaction (commodity price) OR interest rate swap OR swap option (cash-settled)

THEN product qualified = Yes

4. IF product type = EU emissions allowance transaction, except spot

THEN product qualified = Likely

Neota Logic Author also includes testing, analysis and debugging tools that display graphically all aspects of an application both before and while it is being used. No local installation of Author software is required; Author is launched when needed from Neota Logic Workbench, assuring that the latest released version is always available.

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