Neota Logic applications are in daily use in mission-critical applications having significant bottom-line impact.

Case Studies

  • A leading law firm delivered on-demand analysis of the legal risks in complex international transactions across 40 countries to the desktops of financial services clients around the world.
  • A leading international investment bank added millions of dollars to its balance sheet daily by applying legal rules to its transaction portfolios.
  • A Fortune 50 industrial company reduced the time to determine whether a new invention posed a patent infringement risk from four weeks to one day, sometimes one hour. [ more » ]
  • A leading financial services company automated its investment risk tolerance assessment system, streamlined the sales process and improved bottom-line results. [ more » ]
  • One of the largest international business information providers enabled a single lawyer to review compliance with data protection rules for hundreds of databases in countries around the world. [ more » ] | T: (646) 402-6225 | 60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1810, NY, NY 10165| |© 2012 Neota Logic Inc.|
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