Neota Logic is the creator of Neota Logic Server, a no-code platform with which people who are not programmers build, test, maintain, and deploy expert applications to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance. Neota Logic applications automate expertise by combining rules and complex reasoning, documents, and processes. A private company based in New York City, Neota Logic serves law firms, law departments, compliance and risk management, human resources, tax and accounting, financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

What's a neota?

We are often asked about the origin of the company's name. Logic is obvious - that's what we do. But ... Neota? After weeks of free associating, list making, domain checking and other Name It games, the word Neota popped into the air one morning. We thought it didn't mean anything, but sounded ... new (neo is the Greek prefix for new, and then there's Neo in The Matrix) and vaguely technical. And all the domains we wanted were available. So, we had a name.

After launching, we learned that Neota does indeed mean something, more than one thing. There's the Neota Wilderness in Colorado, shown on this map. And a Hebrew word for appropriate or fitting. We liked those associations. And then we found acronyms for a bunch of organizations in North East Ohio - Truckers, Teachers, Telugu, Tennis and no doubt more. Not about technology, but nice folks and we're happy to share the first page of Google and Bing search results with them. Oh yes, there's a shoe too - the Teva Neota Sandal, for hearty wilderness walkers.

What's with the three dots in the logo?

In logic and math proofs, three dots in an upright triangle are known as the "therefore sign" and are often used to mark the logical conclusion of a proof, like this:

All men are mortal.
John von Neumann is a man.
∴ John von Neumann is mortal.

We liked the visual connection to what our software does—complex reasoning that is provable. And we liked the syllogism:

Neota Logic solves hard problems.
You have a hard problem.
∴ Neota Logic.

Yes, you can read about it in Wikipedia.


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